Anyone can hire a contractor to do a job…however, like anything in life, the more you know the better things can turn out.  How do you trust that the person you just hired will do a good job?  How do you know that the person who is designing your kitchen, really understands what you want?

Most contractors and construction companies know how to build, but not all building is equal.  As the premier real estate agent in Studio City and Sherman Oaks, we have seen it all and have been knee deep in the trenches for over a decade.  Not only do we understand the government building codes and red tape, but we know how to get things done quickly, safely and at a worthwhile price.   Because our primary business is real estate, we also understand how construction fits into your resale value – which is why we can advise you on what to spend on and what might not be the best expenditure of you hard earned money.  We know what works and what doesn’t – What what will last, and what won’t.

No, we are not going to help you get the cheapest pricing and cheapest quality job, but we also aren’t going to let you spend more than the work should cost.  There is something to the phrase “you get what you pay for…” Our goal is to make sure you don’t pay for something that you wish you hadn’t and in the end are VERY happy with your results.

If you want to rely on a trusted source in real estate and make sure you aren’t taken advantage of, give The Michelle Hirsch Team a call today – 818-293-8460