Here’s the Secret to Enjoying Private California Beaches With Celebrities

We live in California and have access to miles of gorgeous shoreline, right?…Then why is it so difficult to find a nice un-crowded beach to enjoy with your family?  Well, you are about to learn the secret to accessing private California beaches that many think are only accessible by the celebrities who own homes right on the beach…

Did you know that the California Coastal Commission made it clear that “…all beaches in the state are public land below the mean high water level.”  This basically means that any beach, whether it’s right near a million dollar home or not, it public and you can use it.

There are many well known beaches along the 23-mile long Malibu shoreline, including Topanga, Surfrider, Malibu Lagoon, Point Dume, Zuma, El Matador, and Leo Carrillo State Park. Each of these beaches are offer something different, including surfing, bird-watching, volleyball courts, tide-pools or just scenic photography.

There are other beaches in Malibu not publically known even for LA area locals. These are the secret beaches of Malibu. Most are blocked from view from the coastal drive along Pacific Coast Highway and hidden below tall beachfront homes.  But guess what?  The California Coastal Commission wants people to know these beaches exist and that they should be enjoyed alongside the more popular beaches.

Here are a few things to know before heading out to these private California beaches…Locals have put up signs to discourage using the public access easements. Ignore the signs that say “Right to Pass by Permission and Subject to Control By Owner” as these are not enforceable. Look for the official brown Beach Access and Coastal Access signs put up by the State Coastal Commission. Be careful where you park so you don’t block any driveways or any other areas where you can get a ticket.  While enjoying the private beaches, be courteous and stay back from the homes to give the home-owners some privacy.  Some of these beaches still don’t have direct access, so you have to walk on the sand from another beach to get there.

If you follow private beach etiquette, you will open your world to a whole new level of enjoying the beach.  To Learn more and see a list of some private California beaches, visit: