In case you aren’t familiar with the term “Pocket Listings,” it means houses for sale that aren’t officially on the market yet.  It could be a home that is being renovated and will be listed soon, or just a house that is known to be selling soon, but just isn’t in the MLS.

What does a Pocket Listing mean to a buyer?  It means good stuff!  Pocket listings can often be purchased for lower prices and give the buyer an advantage of being the first to pick, before it hits the market and the seller gets inundated with the selling processes.  So, why would a seller want to do a pocket sale?  Because they want a clean and quick deal without having to show the house every week until someone closes an offer.  Often times, when a pocket listing deal is reached, it is great for all sides and much of the regular politics of a regular listing are avoided.

If there are any current Pocket Listings, they will be listed below.  Contact me if you are interested in seeing any of the properties listed.  Do you have a property you would like me to “pocket list” for you?  Let me know.

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