Did you know that staged homes sell on average for 17% more than un-staged property? Real Estate Property Staging  is one of the most overlooked, yet one of the most important things a seller can do to effectively sell their home.  Most buyers see what is right in front of them, and an un-staged home give buyers the same view…of nothing.  They simply see walls and space, and if it doesn’t impress them, they will be ready to move on to another home.  On average, only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home.  When a home is properly staged, the buyer doesn’t just see an empty house…they see a home…something they would be comfortable living in.  Our custom real estate staging services help provide buyers with an imagination and vision, that they ordinarily wouldn’t have.

Staged homes sell on average 17% higher

By transforming an ordinary house into an extraordinary home, our real estate staging services will statistically sell your home faster and for higher average selling prices….all of this, just by staging your home. Did you know that on average, staged homes have 17% higher sale prices, than un-staged homes…Free home staging?  Many of our clients are initially concerned with the expense.  But, what if we told you that most staged homes recover 198% of the cost of staging, in the sale price of the home…That’s right, in a 3rd party independent study, staged homes were found to have recovered an average of 198% of the cost of the staging.  Which means that you may actually make money on the staging.

With our professional staging services, you have the potential to: