It may sound strange, but we actually receive many phone calls from clients looking for advice, even though they are already engaged with other real estate agents in the Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Woodland Hills, Encino and the greater Los Angeles area.  Why?  Simply, because, for over a decade, we have been trusted with most people’s most expensive purchase…their home.  Buying a home may seem easy, however, it’s the things you don’t see that can get you into trouble.

Many buyers think that it’s all about the big score – getting the best price they can.  In reality, your purchase price may only be the surface of your upcoming expenses.  For example, a poor home inspection can lead to thousands of dollars in post purchase home improvement costs.  What happens if right after closing the deal, you find out that your new home needs new plumbing…or has mold that wasn’t discovered during the inspection process?  We’ll tell you…it will be a VERY big headache for you to deal with…and might even lead to years of litigation.

Now, let’s look at a different scenario – A real estate team, not only knowledgeable in home values, but in market trends, construction and design handles your entire process to ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of, but you actually take advantage of the other side, in getting the most for your money and are protected all the way through.

Let The Hirsch Team handle your next real estate purchase and find out why clients who didn’t choose our services, with they did and clients who use us once, keep coming back.